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Here I am with yet another my favourite post. Highlighting has been the talk of the town since some time. well, what you see on runaways is also highlighting. But here we are not talking about that. We are talking about the soft, natural highlighting which gives you a soft luminous finish rather than a disco ball effect. But highlighting is not that easy. You need sharp and skilled hands to get your highlighting game strong. But if you are not very sure. Then here we will help you with some easy tricks on how to apply highlighter like a pro –


Choosing the right highlighter type – You must be able to choose the correct highlighter type as per your skin type. Dry skin people should go for cream based or liquid highlighters. Powder highlighters are meant for oily skin people as they will control and keep your oil at bay.

Try : Revlon Highlghter Palette, Chambor Light & Sheer Skin Highlighter


Highlighting Colour – Pay attention to which colour are you choosing for highlighting. The highlighter should be such that it should look natural on skin and not stark or too prominent. Choose 1-2 shades lighter than your skin. Soft bisque and champagne colors go well with lighter skin tones. Whereas intense peach colours goes well with darker skin tones.

Try : Benefit Girl Meets PearlMAC Hush Cream Color Base

Highlighter Finish – You also need to be sure of the highlighter finish. Try to go for the natural or dewy finish. Stay away from metallic or stark finishes. They don’t look good with Indian skin tones.

Try : Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating LotionMAC Strobe Cream

Highlighting Eyes – Try to use highlighter on the eyes. Use highlighter on your brow bones and eye lids. Also, try to dust a layer of highlighter below your eye area. This will emphasize and make your eyes appear more big and gorgeous.


Minimise Dark Circles – You can also use highlighters to minimize dark circles. After all putting powder on your dark circles will give a matte effect. But for those like me who love dewy finish, cover your dark circles with highlighter.

Try : Ben Nye Banana PowderKryolan Translucent Loose Powder

Dramatic Cheekbones – Highlighting prominent cheekbones will add dimensions to your face. But if you contour your face too dark then it will appear too shady and tanned. Apply liquid or cream highlighter just above your cheek points and below the outer corner of your eyes.

Use highlighter On Nose – It has been noticed that highlighting noses add dimension to your face. When you apply pearl powders or cream formulas on a well straight line then your nose look really highlighted and sharp.

Blend foundation with highlighter – In order to get an overall natural luminous look, try to blend foundation and highlighter together. This will give you a uniform and healthy glowing skin.

So, this were some of the very easy tips and tricks to Apply Highlighter Like A Pro. Let me know your favourite tricks in the comments down below.


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